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RealityCad at the Paris Air Show

RealityCad will be present at the new edition of the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, north-east of Paris, on 19 & 20 June 2023.

Our team will be pleased to meet you in the Pays de la Loire area next to the eco solutions. A demonstration is worth more than 1000 words, so come and test solutions that will change your vision of immersive technologies and their benefits. You will be able to experience the simplicity and performance of our tools developed for the industry for the needs of manufacturers.

RCad’Touch & RCad’Server, the collaborative solutions of tomorrow

RCad’Touch is a collaborative application that allows you to view and modify 3D projects designed from your CAD software in virtual or augmented reality.
The unique capability of our RCad’Touch software is to directly support CAD files in virtual and augmented reality. RCad’Touch does not require any preparation software. The objective is to access your design files (CAD) in 2 clicks. You launch the Windows application on the virtual environment already included on your PC, you load your design files, and RCad’Touch takes care of everything. The speed of opening allows you to load a single part to an entire factory in real time.

In addition, our software retains the intelligence of the design file which allows for unique manipulation and modification capabilities.
Furthermore, RCad’Touch offers the possibility of sharing its 3D scene with people, wherever they are, while giving them their own point of view, and the possibility of performing actions themselves. This virtual world video is as easy to use as a traditional video conference could be, with scheduling options included.

RCad’Touch solves many problems:

  • No more clients telling you that they can’t see themselves, in the design review you are fully immersed in the 1:1 scale. You can assess the safety, ergonomics and maintainability of your installations.
  • You limit the construction of physical prototypes by testing your product in virtual reality beforehand.

In addition to the problems, RCad’Touch is also :

  • A great marketing tool, where you can design a virtual showroom, create augmented exhibition stands and capture video tours in your creations.
  • A real sales tool for your sales people who can show products directly to their customers in hologram form.

RCad’Server is an application that allows you to centralise access to your 3D files and make them available on all your RCad’Touch workstations. It also allows you to read proprietary format files by adding specific plugins.

RCad’Touch and RCad’Server are the solution for visualising the future in the present.
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At the Paris Air Show, you will have the opportunity to discover a new collaborative solution that will simplify your professional life: RCad’viewer.

About the Paris Air Show

The Paris Air Show, better known as the Paris Air Show, is one of the most important international events for the presentation of aeronautical and space equipment, held at Le Bourget airport, north-east of Paris.

The exhibition in a few questions

  • Quand ? Les 19 et 20 juin 2023
  • ? 96 Av. de la Division Leclerc, 93350 Le Bourget
  • Quoi ? Des rencontres Acheteurs/Fournisseurs ciblées et voulues, des démonstrations, des échanges enrichissants

Visualize future, now !


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